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    Leicester uPVC Repairs Specialists

    Leicester Locksmith

    The Leicester Locksmith team are experts in all things uPVC. this means that they are highly trained in carrying out repairs and adjustments to any type of uPVC door that they come across, along with having the latest tools in the industry means that you will get a quality repair and service from our uPVC specialists.

    What types of problems can your Leicester Locksmiths solve?

    The Leicester Locksmith team come across many uPVC related problems every day and here we have a list of the most common problems that we come across on a daily basis.

    Doors not closing properly
    this is a common problem that we come across all the time especially in the summer months when the heat can actually warp the door in such a way that the door will not close in the frame. Using our specialist adjustment tools we can remedy this problem and have your door closing smoothly again.

    Jammed multipoint locking mechanisms
    A Jammed up multipoint locking system can occur through lack of maintenance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the mechanism has failed but may however need a full service carrying out. By a full service we mean that we will strip down the lock to its various components and check that all components are working correctly then lubricate said components and replaced worn or damaged ones.

    Failed multipoint lock gearboxes
    This is a very common issue on these locks and usually occurs if the door is not aligned correctly causing excess strain on the gearbox. It can also happen through lack on maintenance and or harsh use by the operator. What ever the cause our Leicester locksmiths can fix the problem and our van are fully stocked with all the brands of gearboxes to be able to replace failed parts.

    Failed euro cylinders
    We come across failed euro cylinders on a day to day basis. This may be because the cylinder that came with your door is a very cheap brand and wont last very long being used by a busy family every single day, or it could even be that the operator of the lock has damaged it through misuse. The Leicester locksmiths team carry every size of these cylinders on the vans so that we always have the correct size for your door. We also fit anti pick and anti drip locks as standard. If you would like to upgrade your locks to high security anti snap locks we can also give you a free quote for this also.

    Broken handles
    Broken uPVC door handles are an issue that mainly occurs due to harsh use but can sometimes just be a sign of wear and tear due to the age of the handle set. These handles come in a large variety of sizes and colours, and the correct size must always me used to avoid damage to other components in the locking system.

    Dropped hinges
    uPVC doors themselves aren’t that heavy but when you have large glass panels installed into these doors then the weight can soon take its toll on the hinges and cause the door to sag, again causing closing issues and also locking system failure. We carry specialist adjustment tools for this very job and can have your door back in the correct position in no time.

    Burglary damage
    Unfortunately we live in a world where burglaries do happen and is most cases damage is caused to doors and locking systems. However if you have suffered a burglary and your locks have been damaged you wont need to look any further than our Leicester locksmith team as because we are a 24h service we can carry out these repairs as soon as you call us.

    Damage caused by vandalism
    Another problem we come across is mindless vandalism such as glued locks or malicious damage to doors, that can cause many problems and sometimes even causing you to be locked out. Using are specialist locksmith tools we can get you back into your property repair or replace damaged items and have everything working as it should again.

    Broken window handles
    Its not inly doors that our uPVC specialist deal with. Broken window handles and locking mechanisms are another service that we do offer. from lost keys failed mechanisms and broken window handles we can fix it all or replace overly damages items.

    These are just a few of the many problems that we face every day. If you have a problem with your uPVC windows or doors then call our expert Leicester locksmiths for a free quote and let us help you get your windows and doors back into tip top condition.

    Leicester Locksmith

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